The SHARING contributes to us in several ways:

  • Personally: Help others from the neighbour, the co-worker to a complete stranger – in that way we built a community
  • Financially: Saving money in several ways
  • Environmentally: Reduce the waste



The term Collaborative Consumption is used to describe an economic model based on sharing, swapping, bartering, trading or renting access to products as opposed to ownership. Technology and peer communities are enabling these old market behaviours to be reinvented in ways and on a scale never possible before. Examples are eBay, peer-to-peer travel (CouchSurfing, Airbnb) and bike or car sharing.
The Collaborative Consumption is disrupting outdated modes of business and reinventing not just what people consume but how they consume it.
(ref. Wikipedia and Rachel Botsman, Roo Rogers, What's Mine Is Yours: The Rise of Collaborative Consumption, HarperBusiness,)


You can find more info about the Collaborative Consumption: