OdKomunity.sk - Another step toward collaborative consumption in Slovakia!


Up until a few months ago, Slovakia did not have a nationwide effort supporting collaborative consumption. This changed at the beginning of 2012, when Mr. Marián Repáň decided to change this situation. On January 11, 2012 the web pages OdKomunity.sk were launched for public use and viewing. These web pages are a community portal allowing its members to lend and borrow things they need instead of having to buy the things they need only once (remember Rachel Botsman and her drill?). In fact, the motto of the pages is Prečo kupovať, keď môžeš zadarmo požičiavať? (Why buy, when you can borrow for free?). The address of the web pages is www.odkomunity.sk, and anybody from all regions of Slovakia can use the portal for free.

The portal works on building trust amongst users – those lending, as well as those borrowing, have the opportunity to rate the transaction, and these ratings are visible to all who visit the site. Users can also be certified (and those who are lending their things can limit their loans to only certified users). There are two basic “users” of this portal – “those who borrow” and “those who lend to someone”. Those who borrow basically follow these steps: search for the thing they need, place a request to borrow what they need for the time they need it, once the request is accepted by the owner, pick up the given object (not forgetting to control the state it is in or to pay a safety deposit, if required by the owner), return the borrowed object, and lastly, rate the owner of the object. Owners who lend their property take this course of action: upload the item they are willing to lend, accept someone’s request to borrow the object, hand over the item to the borrower, pick up the lent object (do not forget to control its state and to return any safety deposits), and finally, rate the lender. Some items are lent with a small fee, not only a safety deposit. This fact is always displayed on the web page. The system is very easy to use.

Since this community is just beginning to expand, it needs all of the help it can get! If you’re from Slovakia, or if you know anyone from Slovakia, spread the word! The more, the merrier, as the saying goes!

It is also our pleasure to announce that the founder of the OdKomunity community, Mr. Marián Repáň, has also recently contacted the Inštitút pre vzdelávanie, who is the Slovak partner of the We Share project, and has expressed interest in cooperating with the We Share consortium. We are looking forward to his expert insights!

So who shares? We share!